Don't forget to BREATHE

The year is half over, or close enough. I haven't done much with the site, despite my best intentions. Also, crafting things to sell has been slower than I had every intention of it being. So what the heck am I doing??

Doctors appointments, physical therapy, trying to catch up on the house a little bit, trying to be a good mom and wife again, fighting looming depression, watching a lot of tv and movies to distract my brain from nightly nerve pain, walking waaaay slower than I want, and generally being late to everything everywhere. Okay, so the last thing is only kinda true - i've been on time to pretty much all of my doctor appointments, sometimes even being early. 

Even this post is months later than i meant. Like, 4 months? I'm pretty much feeling like a waste of space this year. And this year is going even BETTER than last year. FML

Posted on November 5, 2015 .