So, World... we meet again!

I really wish I was as eloquent a voice as my husband, but alas... You're stuck with me :-P I do girly things like use emoticons, for example. And sometimes I use sentence fragments and make up silly words. I'm still trying to find my voice, so something may change. Maybe one day I'll mature... probably not, though.

Anyhow, here's an update on a few things we've been up to, in general.

  • We got a new bed, which is awesome, and super comfy. Well, you know, the one in the store was... Ours still has to go through the breaking-in period, but is still a lot more comfortable already than our old bed (which was less than a decade old, but i'm not sure how much less).
  • Pain relief! So, for the past year I've been having back problems of the debilitating variety, and in September I got an injection into my SI Joint which was very helpful for a few weeks. The second injection in December didn't go quite as well, which was frustrating. Now, with the help of physical therapy and my new TENS unit, I feel like my medication is at a good pain-managing balance! My pain management specialist said I can come back "AS NEEDED"!
  • Gym Membership (!?!) Related to the last bit, I am now a paying member of a gym... which is weird. Don't get me wrong, it's a great facility, and a thing I need to do... but me? A gym member?? By choice?! Weird... Well, at least the pool is warm, and there's a hot tub and a sauna. Those are my favorite spots in a gym :)
  • Knit and Crochet (of course) - I'm always knitting and crocheting. Sometimes, I even work on things that aren't strictly for me. For instance, I'm currently working on 2 cowl-scarf-thingies, which I may only keep 1 of! Maybe. Oh, and my super squishy shawl. And a sweater for Jacob's Snake Tom. And a few things that are put away for now. Plus, I got these awesome stitch guides for Christmas so I wanna make all sorts of swatches! And these needles that I wanna find projects to make with so I get to use them! Plus 200+ things in my queue (some are just there for cute ideas in the future - research done for my next project), and so forth.

I still have a couple of weeks left before I can comfortably leave the house, even in all the layers. Hopefully it's only a couple. Until then, I'll be spending time with the family by evening, and spending my days alternately wet and worn out, or home and yarning and worn out.

Speaking of which... I have to go to the gym now. :( it's so cold out I don't wanna go!

Posted on February 18, 2015 .