Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Brrr!  It has been very... Wisconsin... this week, hasn't it?

Unfortunately for me, the extreme colds make life painful. But, while I'm sitting here on my heating pad, I get to crochet (or knit) to my heart's content! So, cold and achy, but happy. I'll take it! :) Maybe I'll write a post about my pain stuff some time, but mostly I don't want to bore you with the details... 

Since Christmas (and New Year's) we have spent a lot of our time recuperating from a cold (the extra exposure to humans and their germs, I guess) and rearranging the house. Full disclosure: Zen has done all the work. I helped by "sitting there and looking pretty" - a family phrase that means "you can't really do anything to help, so this is your free pass out of work". What a sweetheart <3 He even set up my little nesty area! 


It's Friday, which normally means a nice relaxing weekend. But, we're not done with Christmas yet... We have about 3 more to attend. That means that I still have time to finish the gifts that seem to never get done in time! Well, maybe I have time... They still never seem to get done in time! Probably in part due to having so many projects going at once. At any rate, the family is looking forward to no specific bedtime tonight so that we can nerd out together for a while :) With warm stuff, like tea and cookies, or muffins and hot cocoa.. and fuzzy blankies... and of course, my heating pad!

Posted on January 9, 2015 .