Teaching Young People - Year One Retrospective

A little over a year (and a half?) has passed since the last time I posted - it felt like I was always busy, and that my down time was spent recovering on the heating pad, or (hopefully) spending time with my family. It was not ideal for my family - since we tend to enjoy time with each other - but we dealt with the sacrificed time, and I felt useful. Volunteering was good for me - not necessarily the "body," but definitely the "soul."

"Crochet Club" started out in the art room last year. That was a hike and a half - literally the other end of the building from where I had to enter! There were a few kids that were dedicated to learning a new skill, and that made it worth the walk.


Art Room Setup

Lots of space... lots of walking between tables. Eventually we consolidated into just a couple of tables, but it was rough at the beginning.

After a short time walking back and forth twice a week, I was pleased to see that my group was moved to a different room - a much closer room. I sure did miss the art teacher, but *not* the walk! As an added bonus there were a few comfy chairs and a smooshy love seat! 

Comfy Spot 1.jpg

The Comfy Chair!

This is the oh-so-cozy room that we ended up in. This Language Arts teacher was awesome to provide such a wonderful space!

We worked on making chains most of the year, but there were a few very dedicated students that learned how to do single crochet stitches, and where to work them! Many students were excited to learn that they could make items such as scarves, hats, stuffed animals, and even simple bracelets made of just a simple chain! Last school year (2016-2017), I was happy to see that five or six of the kids I was working with ended up getting hooks and yarn of their own. Bravo to the parents for supporting their hobby, and helping to continue their practice outside of the couple of hours a week that I can provide.

Some of these kids returned this school year (2017-2018), and are working on a variety of yarn projects, including crochet, finger-knitting, finger-crocheting, and braiding. We've also figured out how to connect strips of finger-knit yarn to a new strip of finger-knit yarn, which has opened up a whole new set of accessories the kids can make!

It has been fun and rewarding, and worth doing again. Therefore, I'm back again - providing supplies and guidance while I'm present, and knowledge and skills for when I'm not. It seems to have had enough of a positive impact to get noticed, as I was told there would be an actual budget for the "Crochet Club" next year. This was such a pleasant surprise, I'd be happy to go back for another year. Although, even without it - I couldn't imagine leaving the Intermediate School level.

Finger-knit scarf.jpg

It doesn't have to be complicated to be great!

Many students have also taken up finger-knitting, which has been interesting to watch. I haven't been a lot of help with teaching it, but I have been encouraging the young lady who first brought it to the group to teach others.

As far as everything else goes, I'm still working on updating things, and taking pictures of things to post here. Forgive me for not "blogging" much, but a lot of my energy is focused elsewhere (volunteering, family, knitting and crocheting, and resting up) and don't think a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff would be interesting to ... well, anyone. I'm going to give an honest attempt to keeping in touch here, and add pictures when I do something interesting :)

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Something new!

Somehow I decided to see about volunteering at the intermediate school that our kids go to, teaching crochet with the after-school program.  It was a crazy whim, and I haven't been able to do a lot for the school in recent years.  They said yes. 

I started on Monday, and did 3 days in a row. It was hard to keep their attention, sometimes, but there are kids in each group that really picked it up with very little guidance. It was rewarding to hear each day that the kids were asking if they would be knitting or crocheting today (I haven't bothered to correct them very often) throughout their days of school.  

I love that there is a group of middle-schoolers that are so interested in the craft I know and love.  And I'm honored to be able to participate in their lives.  

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Tis the season...

... For yarny things! 

I have been creating lots of things, some of which I've even completed. I actually have a big purple shopping bag stuffed FULL of nearly finished things, and right next to it is another purple shopping bag, with completed projects, which is... well, decidedly not full - not by a long shot. Time is getting short, but I'm not quite in full panic mode yet. 

Right now, I'm trying to figure out which color schemes each person should get - since I don't really hang out with anyone, I couldn't tell you what colors anybody who isn't currently living with me even likes. Getting gifts you like (even if you don't think you'll use it much) is always nice. :-) 

 I hope you all like the things I made. And if by chance you don't end up getting something, or want to exchange the thing you did get, send me an email. 

Merry Christmas!  

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Don't forget to BREATHE

The year is half over, or close enough. I haven't done much with the site, despite my best intentions. Also, crafting things to sell has been slower than I had every intention of it being. So what the heck am I doing??

Doctors appointments, physical therapy, trying to catch up on the house a little bit, trying to be a good mom and wife again, fighting looming depression, watching a lot of tv and movies to distract my brain from nightly nerve pain, walking waaaay slower than I want, and generally being late to everything everywhere. Okay, so the last thing is only kinda true - i've been on time to pretty much all of my doctor appointments, sometimes even being early. 

Even this post is months later than i meant. Like, 4 months? I'm pretty much feeling like a waste of space this year. And this year is going even BETTER than last year. FML

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